Do you want your prospective patients to see you before you see them? Well, the way you can do this is with Organic Medical SEO where your medical practice such as the dental practice or doctor surgery will be ranking on page 1 for the services you provide. Today, with the advancement of the internet, everyone looks for practicality and wants to find their dentist or doctor instantly with a click of a button. Do not miss out being found on page 1, its what we are here for.  Our Dental SEO Services are designed to increase online presence and visibility within Google’s organic search results to deliver top quality, relevant traffic to your site. We all know the top pages of the search engines are dominated by the big businesses with big budgets. This has been pushing and making it difficult for the start-ups to compete.  Our tailor-made Medical SEO packages are geared towards helping the small businesses and start-ups get the visibility and effectively compete against the big businesses.


Dental SEO allows physicians, doctors, dentists, reach out to more patients and increase their brand awareness too. It is imperative that you choose your Dental SEO services company with utmost care. If any company/freelancer assures guaranteed first-page ranking on Google, our honest advice is to be careful. Here at Dental Marketing Company, we have a talented and experienced team of ethical health SEO experts who will not try to cheat you with worthless guarantees. Instead, we’ll help you understand the methodologies and explain what and why certain tasks need to be done in order to improve the performance of your website. Are your website’s search results driving your business down? If yes, send us your concerns and we are ready to give you a FREE consultation on how to improve it. Is your medical website ranking at the top of the major search engines? Dental SEO is the best way to market your website online. 


Firstly let's understand what Medical SEO stands for: it is the practice of increasing a website's organic ranking within the search engines. Your potential patients want to find your medical site right at the top so that they can reach you or book an appointment for your services offered.  If you are a doctor or dentist, it is imperative that your medical website appears at the top of the searches so that you can sign up as many patients possible. 

We are a talented and focused team of highly driven Medical SEO consultants who live and breathe SEO. We have a fantastic group of in-house developers, web designers, content writers (multi-lingual too) and strategists. Our experienced team has worked with customers from all over the globe covering all small to big medical websites. Our marketing approach is based on understanding your own medical website's goals and constraints, before devising a custom healthcare SEO strategy that’s best suited for your website, thus giving you a greater return on your investment. Our service is more than just traditional medical SEO and focuses on creating website marketing campaigns that result in the effective lead generation and conversions.


Dental Marketing Company is a leading London healthcare SEO agency, specializing in Medical SEO services perfect for smaller businesses and individuals. We have the power and skill of any marketing company – we just don’t believe in charging a small fortune or offering our services to an elitist few. We’re truly passionate about the world of SEO, which is why we’re here to help!

Whether you’re a fresh start-up or an existing healthcare firm, we have reliable, monthly SEO packages to suit your needs. We specialize in white-hat services, promoting your medical practice in a positive manner to improve your position online. Optimisation your website’s standings on search results is an on-going process, but it brings in better and better ROI (Return On Investment). Few people seldom click through pages and pages of search results, so the higher you are on these lists, the more people are exposed to your brand.

In fact, most of our clients experience an increase in ROI by 35-45% within the first 6 months. This goes to show that, while other companies might charge more, our budget SEO agency makes no sacrifices on the quality of our results!

No two businesses are ever the same, which is why we treat every client as an individual. We look at your specific goals, whether its converting traffic into revenue, simply generating more traffic towards your site through SEO, or even using social media and external links to improve your brand recognition. SEO can help you achieve a wide range of goals and we have both the skills and the passion to realize these for you.

Driving Medical Consultations and Services for Private Healthcare Companies Worldwide

We are Dental Marketing Company and we specialize in providing high quality, affordable healthcare SEO services. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is vital for any business looking to generate traffic, customers, and profits. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large or small medical firm, ignoring the power of search page results are essentially ignoring a vast marketing opportunity. We don’t’ believe anyone should miss out on this, so we have tailored our custom SEO service to meet your budget.

Do you know your potential patients are choosing other medical practices because they rank higher within the search engines?

Our SEO Solution: Our Dental SEO services will surely give your website the much-needed traction within Google. This will result in an increase in traffic, online visibility, and brand awareness. What will increased traffic mean to your medical practice? This will, in turn, mean more leads for your medical practice to convert into patients. We have a vastly experienced and expert SEO team with a proven track record in improving medical websites to the top of the search engines. Our sister company Lowcostseo has been ranking on page 1 for over a decade so we know what it takes to be at the top. 

Our Dental SEO strategies are devised on a solid understanding of on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and content creation. By having us as your marketing partner, will give you the best chance to rank at the top, and win more potential patients for your clinic. 


How has Digital Marketing evolved in Healthcare?

The world of SEO and digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape. Algorithms and search results change on the fly, so old results don’t last forever. As such, you need a quality, Dental SEO agency that can provide the latest means and methods to deliver the best results.

For example, did you know that popular search engines such as Google can offer negative penalties to your website for poor external links or bad pages on your own site? Many healthcare companies don’t focus on this, but our fully-rounded method will look at all possible angles. By removing the negative effects, this allows our positive influences to have an even greater impact, getting your website the search results position it deserves!

Similarly, it’s not enough to just spread links throughout the internet – this is something Google is increasingly penalizing websites for. Instead of ‘spamming’ the internet, we provide high-quality links from leading domains. This doesn’t just result in better results from search engines – it also means the people coming to your website are coming from the right places.

In short, great quality content speaks for itself and that’s exactly what we provide. From social media interactions to natural, organic links, we only provide methods we’ve proven to work. For more information on any of our SEO packages and services, please feel free to contact us and say hello!



We are certain you will have understood the importance and value of undertaking SEO for your medical website. Now, how you want to get started? 

SEO is a long-term extensive process that takes continuous effort, for instance, Google is constantly changing and updating their search engine algorithms. Now being an expert medical marketing company we are always up to date with the most recent changes and practices. Your Medical website has to earn and win that right be placed on the first page. We have over a decade of experience in Search engine marketing, which implies we know what technique works and what is now out-dated. Google now has over 200 scoring signals in their organic algorithm and last year alone there were over 500 plus improvements made their search algorithm. 

The job of your medical website is to sign up new patients and increase the sales and inquiries. Your Search engine marketing campaign cannot be deemed as a success if it fails to deliver an ROI. Being on the first page is not enough for your business, the conversion of your website visitors is what will determine the success of your Dental SEO campaign.  We understand the need for your business to grow and attract prospective customers nationally or internationally. We are not magicians but a team of experienced and talented experts who take an active interest in bringing success to your business.

Are you ready to rank on the first page of Google? Dental Marketing Company will work dedicatedly towards one goal, that is to drive more patients to your medical practice. Contact us today and take your Dental SEO to the top!


For any Medical practice, new patients are of utmost importance to their success. Just like any other business attempting to increase its potential patients base, medical practices face quite a few challenges in a crowded market. There are thousands of healthcare specialists operating across the world, finding a suitable way to separate your practice from the others requires the implementation of the latest marketing tools and techniques. Before the turn of the century, marketing a medical practice meant simply getting your practice listed within the white pages or yellow pages. However, as the internet has taken over the world, many potential patients are using search engines like Google to find their local medical providers. According to a recent study, nearly 54% of potential patents under the age of 35 use the search engines to find their local medical practices, compared to the 10% who still use the yellow pages directory. As times goes by, the older generation is turning to the search engines as around 27% of people between the ages of 55 to 64 years used a search engine when finding a medical practice. 

In order to gain new patients, SEO services have become vital for every medical practice to undertake in order to stay ahead in an ever-changing marketing landscape. Almost 80% of people browsing the web, do not look past the first page of Google results when they search for local dentists. If your site does not rank well, you could be losing out on many potential patients that do not know about your medical practice. Your medical practice requires a strong medical SEO strategy so that you can rank well against your rivals. Now the question is, how does SEO help your Medical practice? When someone types in " Dentist in Greater London", into their Google search engine, your medical practice name and website should come up among the first 3 listings. One should always remember that every medical practice name will not come up on the first page within Google. You need to execute a well-proven SEO strategy to get your website to rank at the top of the search engine. By being at the top of the search results, you will increase the chances of being contacted and the conversion rate will also go up. 


SEO is a fascinating marketing tactic when implemented correctly can increase more qualified leads and patients to your medical practice. In addition to that, SEO has a better rate of return than any other traditional marketing techniques such as TV, Google Adwords, Leaflets, Billboards etc. With SEO comes brand visibility, credibility and more traffic to your medical practice. Whether your medical practice is small or big, implementing effective Medical SEO strategies is vital to bringing new patients to your clinic. SEO Services can certainly increase the online visibility of your medical practice and build its reputation at the same time. 

Increased Search Engine Visibility 

When your potential medical patients search online for your medical practice, it is important to appear high within the search engine rankings. Being ranked highly puts your medical practice's name in front of potential patients. The search engines that you need to rank in is Google, which is the world's leading and most widely used search engine. People trust Google, and as a reason for that, they will trust your practice when it appears at the top.

Improved Credibility and Trust

When we search within Google, we tend to make mental notes of what keywords we use to find the product/services. Likewise, most potential patients make notes too, in their view if your website is ranking on page 1, it gives your website a vote of confidence. If Google trusts your medical practice then so can they too. All in all, ranking high in Google will improve your medical practice's credibility. 

Reduction in Patient Acquisitions Costs

Every Dental Practice has a marketing goal to get new patients. However, acquiring these new patients may cost you more money than what these patents will pay you. With cost-effective SEO techniques, you can lower the overall marketing budget because digital marketing is far less expensive than any other forms of marketing. This entails, you can acquire new patients much faster and at a reduced cost. With the reduction of marketing costs, your medical practice can have the flexibility to invest in targeted outreach and streamline your goals for the betterment of your medical practice. 

Increased Website Traffic 

Increase in website's online traffic is not going to increase your revenue automatically, ask yourself, would you set-up your office in a backstreet of Oldham or right in the middle of Canary Wharf? All the footfalls around Canary Wharf may not make you any money, but we are pretty sure some of them will become your customers. The same concept goes here, you as a Medical practice still have to make an effort to attract new patients to your medical practice and surely it is better to do business in a fully crowded, buzzing street than on a quiet cul de sac. 

Higher Return on Investment 

The return on your investment in Dental SEO is at a higher rate than any other forms of marketing. If you own a Dental practice then SEO it is for your marketing and advertising strategy. Reason for this is as SEO is an inbound marketing strategy which allows you to market to qualified leads who are actually looking for your products and services. All in all, with Dental SEO, you need not to interrupt your target market while watching their favorite TV show or reading a magazine. With SEO, you just need to be ranked well and show up for the searches and services your potential patients are looking for. There is no need to convince your audience, the only message you need to get across to your potential customers is that you have the best, perfect medical practice for them to book an appointment and visit. 

Cost Effective Marketing Solution

Search Engine Optimisation is regarded as the most cost-effective marketing strategy as it targets your potential patients who are already looking for products or services online. SEO marketing strategies can save you money when compared to the more traditional marketing strategies such as cold calling, tv, leaflets etc. We all know how annoying cold calling is and tv advertising is extremely expensive. Leaflets too are a nuisance and discarded off by many. All in all, Dental SEO targets potential patients who are already searching for your medical services. The traffic generated is more relevant when compared to other marketing techniques.


By having a great experience in the medical industry, gives our SEO company the ability to understand your medical practice better than any other SEO company. 

We take each marketing campaign on an individual basis as no two sites are the same. Through our continued research in several Dental SEO strategies, we are able to devise a proven Dental SEO campaign by adopting a content marketing approach in building high-quality links which will not only improve your website's ranking but also increase your leads to your medical practice. Our SEO experts will research what your potential patients are searching for online, the keywords they enter and what sort of questions to they ask Google. This way we will guide you in creating unique content driven landing pages with engaging content that answers your patient's questions. All in all, our medical SEO experts will ensure the best SEO practices are followed and implemented so as your medical practice be seen at the top very soon.


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