How does your dental business make new customers? If you're not getting the foot traffic you would like, is maybe because you're failing to make full use of the Internet's potential. Today, every business needs an online presence to establish themselves and the dental business is no different. However, to do this, you need to optimize your website to its fullest potential and this is where our search engine optimization services come into effect.

What's the first thing to do if you require new advertising ideas? What about if you determine it is time to switch how that you maintain the books eventually? Our guess, you turn into Google. But were you aware that 89 percent of B2B buyers and 81 percent of online shoppers do exactly the same? Faced with an issue, challenge or just a decision, they google it. Simply. And so, it is a cold, harsh fact that without at least a presence in Google, your company is not likely to survive.

You will understand what Dental SEO is, how it functions, and what you have to do in order to place your website from search engine results. But before we start, I wish to assure you of something. So lots of tools make Dental SEO complicated. They frighten readers with the specialized jargon, concentrate on complex components, and seldom explain anything beyond concept.

What Is Dental Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimization – often known as SEO, for short – refers to the strategies used to help your website appear in organic search engine results. This refers to searches users make for specific products or services. When this happens, search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing all have their own internal algorithms to determine which results appear. SEO is the reason your business appears where it does. This algorithm uses various different metrics, from website quality to information relevance and keyword choice.


How Does SEO Impact Dentists?

These days, few businesses survive through a physical location alone. People prefer to find new businesses on the internet. This means that, if anyone looking for a local dentist online can’t find you, you will lose this business to your competitors that are already well placed online. Even if you are online, Dental SEO Services is vital for staying on the visible site. It’s well known that few people get past the first page of Google. This is why it’s vital that your company appears as high as possible on the list, as this gets the most exposure.

Furthermore, local practices may also wish to use local Dental SEO as well. People searching on mobile phones, for instance, often want to know where your business is based and a phone number they can instantly call through to. This is another area where attention to Dental SEO can ensure your business appears on the limited space available, ensuring your company gets the vital call through from potential new customers.


How Can Dental Marketing Company Help?

Dental SEO is something that needs to be done by experts. You need a team you can trust to help improve your business through sound, holistic practices that don’t break any guidelines established by today’s leading search engines. Here at Dental SEO Company, we believe in providing affordable solutions for all practices. We offer scaled packages to help companies large and small compete in the online market.

We do this by honing in on the areas that matter: choosing the keywords that matter and improving your visibility through various means. This can often be a combination of on-page methods – improving your website to ensure search engines can better crawl, ‘read’ and understand it – as well as off-page methods, such as link building, to improve your overall visibility.

Let’s put it another way. Try searching for your business on Google, searching just as a customer would. Are you happy with your current positioning? If not, we’re here to change that!.

SEO For Dental Practices who REALLY need to RANK! 

This is how we have helped our clients to the Top! 

For the past 6 months, Brighton Dental Clinic was getting up to 10 patients per day from Google. The client was only investing in organic SEO services and overlooked several other forms of marketing services avail to them. They had an attractive website which was well suited for local Google domination for the dentistry industry. The growth had been limited over the past 1 year and their SEO firepower had been stagnant too. We made a few suggestions for improving site's speed and loading time as well as optimizing the images and server caching too. Our role was to first fix all the underlying problems that only a webmaster like yourself can see. 

Within 2 weeks, we noticed an upward movement in the Google rankings as well as impression increase. Within 3 months we had our client on page 1, this was all due to fixing the underlying issues that only webmasters can see. Our idea was local search ranking domination followed by increasing reviews and searches for specialized services offered by Brighton dental clinic. Slowly but surely, the website began a steady increase in patients from 10 a day to 25 within a 3 month period. 

Reasons Why Your Dental Practice Needs SEO 

Dental and Medical Practices know that their website's need Dental SEO, and are aware of the advantages they will derive from the Dental SEO work being undertaken on their behalf. Dental SEO Services is bound to improve your dental practice's visibility and online presence, but do you know what other value it has to offer? Do you ask yourself why Dental SEO is so vital? 

Here are a few important reasons which will give all Dental practices some sort of clarity with regards to why their practices require Dental SEO in order to take their business to the next level. 

1. Organic or Natural Search is the Primary Traffic Source for all websites. 

Organic search plays a big part in a website's overall performance and success. It is the crucial element within the buyers/customer's funnel and gets your potential customers to complete a conversion within your site. You probably know by now that Google has the largest share of searches undertaken across all search engines. Everyone wants to see their site on page 1 in Google, as being on page 1 and out of page 1 can be a matter of success or failure. We are not implying that other search engines do not contribute to your brand's visibility, they do, but Google controls over 80 percent of the overall search market. It is way ahead of its nearest rival and you need to, therefore, follow their important guidelines. 

The remainder of the 20 percent of the market is run by search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and others. Google has simply run the show for a long time now as they are the most visited site and in the last decade, they happen to own the most popular email service too. Well, they own YouTube too. So, by now you might be getting the clear picture that it's important to get ranked on Google than any other search engine. If your dental site ranks highly organically in Google then it will be treated as a trusted resource by everyone visiting Google. With high-quality SEO and a great marketing strategy, we can get you to the top!

2. SEO will help in building trust and credibility for your website. 

When you undertake Dental SEO, you must have your goal in mind and establish a strong base with a great, high-quality website that gives a smooth, effective user experience. Your site must be indexable and searchable within the major search engines. This itself will help in building the site's trust and credibility and enhance your brand and its services/products offered to potential clients. In 2018, we have something called Domain Authority, this is crucial to the success of a website, the better the DA rate, the higher your website will rank. How can you increase domain authority? Through building high-quality backlink profiles, writing unique content optimized for the search engines. 

One thing you must understand as a Dental practice owner is that, credibility and trust cannot be build overnight Just like in actual life, it takes time to create trust and at the same time credibility for your dental practice. Your dental practice will earn its authority within the local area over time. If you are a dental practice that offers some sort of branded product then you must be patient and committed to your customers and allow them to take their time to trust and value your product over time. 

3. SEO will enhance your site's user experience.

As a dental practice, one of your prime goals is to improve your organic rankings and increase your practice's online visibility. Very few dental practice owners understand that user experience plays a big part in achieving your site's marketing goals. Did you know Google bots have learned to understand what favorable or unfavorable user experience is? A good user experience will surely result in your dental practice being successful while a bad user experience will not give the desired results. When your potential customer visits your site, they are looking for the service/product, if they cannot locate/find it, then they will go to another site. This will increase your site's bounce rate and overall site's performance will suffer which will impact your search engine rankings. 

You must have been aware of the introduction of AMP also known as accelerated mobile pages, this is primarily for improving user experience as Google wants visitors to get what they are looking for instantly. The quicker they are able to get the sought after data, the better experience they will have on your website. Google wants to give your visitors the information as quickly as possible and easily too. If you need to succeed as a Dental practice, you need to incorporate a positive user experience. Read more about AMP pages here. 

4. Local SEO will improve traffic, engagement, and conversion

Local SEO has become a vital factor if small or medium-sized businesses want to succeed. Mobile traffic has continued to increase year on year, and with the domination of mobile traffic, it makes it even more important to rank well for local searches. As a local dental practice, you want to be found at the top when your potential patient searches your services locally. It is important to be found at the top, as your patients will be able to find you quickly and book an appointment too. By undertaking Local SEO, you can optimise your dental practice for any specific towns, cities, counties that you can cater to. This way you can create your own unique local brand that patients can trust and rely upon. 

How can we optimise your dental site? We will optimize your website's landing pages and its content with the relevant targeted local areas. We will create local citation and backlinks so that your site gets some local traction and relevant local listings in the dental sector. We will promote local engagement by adopting a knowledge graph panel and adding their local business to Google my business listing and by doing this get their dental practice on the map locally. As a local dental practice, you need to have a strong emphasis on adding user reviews to your Google Plus, Yelp, Trust Pilot etc. 

5. SEO helps Multiply your Brand Impact

By undertaking Dental SEO, can make your dental practice's brand stronger, better and very well known locally. The main goal for every dental practice owner is to have their website found within Google for all their relevant keywords and phrases. Ideally, they need to be at the top of the search results as that would automatically build a sense of trust and credibility for your dental practice. Your potential patients will see this in a positive manner as Google is a company that well respects so being at the top will give a power statement. 

The meta tags of your dental practice can have a strong statement about your services. Through your meta tag, you need to communicate effectively about what your dental brand has to offer. Everyone these days simply, Googles it, so if your dental practice is at the top of the search engine results, this alone will boost your site's credibility. If you are located in Hillingdon, and your local customers in this vicinity can find you at the top, at the right time, providing the best solution, your dental practice will grow big. 

You will need more from your website to build trust and credibility, in form of patient reviews or client testimonials about the services and products you provided. If you are a cosmetic dentist, provide your potential patients with as much information about your services. Answer all the questions they might have, through your content and speak their language when writing too. Give them the solution to their problems and you will see your patients increase in no time.

6. SEO is a cost-effective Marketing Medium

Over a number of years, Detal SEO has proven to be the most cost-effective marketing mediums and forms of digital marketing. Dental SEO delivers a higher rate of return for every pound you invest into marketing your website. Unlike Google AdWords campaign where your monthly spend will keep increasing as competitors bid for top positions for competitive keywords, with SEO your outlay of expenses will remain the same whether your site has ten visitors or one million. Content, website design, hosting will not increase over time. 

Now let's look at other digital marketing platforms like TV, Billboards, they are all not only expensive but have great marketing limitation in reaching your target market. As a dentist, your patients look for you when they require your services so having a billboard will not be effective at all. Coming to TV, it costs thousands just for a few seconds of airtime and that does not even include the production costs. In SEO, you simply pay a set monthly amount whether you sign up 10 patients or 1000 each month. The marketing costs of Dental SEO are very low in comparison to any other forms of marketing. 

As a Dental Practice do you know that effective Dental SEO can target as many patients as you require? Dental SEO will improve your patient conversion rates by delivering the exact solution to problems your patients could be facing.  Even if you stop Dental SEO after a year or so, the benefits will still be felt far beyond the time you invested in your marketing campaign. 

7. Dental SEO can be fully Outsourced

As a dental practice we know it is impossible to treat your patients and at the same time focus on marketing your practice. That's where the Dental SEO companies come in. A Dental SEO company will take all your marketing headache and work all year around. This will give your practice the edge over other local rival dental practices. By hiring a Dental SEO company, you will be able to focus solely on your patients. A Dental SEO company like ours, will not only keep you updated with the latest Google algorithm changes but also help you fix and implement other marketing strategies within your site. We will be pro-active and assist you in building your website for the future. 

A Dental SEO company will get all the marketing work done much faster as they will have experienced SEO experts who can effortlessly execute your marketing plan. Going for cheap Dental SEO services will surely save you money at the start but it will also limit your site from making a lot of money. There is a good correlation between the amount of money you invest and the revenue generated. Dental SEO should not be rushed so give your Dental Marketing company enough time and realistic goals to be met. All in all, avoid the cheap SEO packages as you want to plant good quality seeds to make your site grow not poor ones which might look good at first but die out quickly.

Waiting for your Patients Call? 

As a Dentist, are you fed up of waiting for the phone to ring? It's time to stop waiting for your patients and begin attracting the patients as quickly as possible. It is not easy to manage Dental SEO strategies, one has to find the perfect combination. You need to ensure that your current patients are happy with your dental service and at the same time ensure your Dental marketing campaign is working effectively in order to attract new patients to your dental clinic. For any Dental practice to succeed, they must implement effective marketing strategies in order to attract more patients to their clinic. here are some dental marketing strategies to increase and attract patients to your clinic.

1. Blogging - Add a Blog on your Site.

What is the best toothpaste for Teeth Whitening? How do I get my teeth in-line? What is the best flosser? These are just a few ideas of blogs you can add to your dental practice's website. Google likes sites that blog and keep their customers informed. At the same time, your patients are always looking for answers when browsing so why not answer some of the questions through your blogs. By giving great information about some topics about Dental care, you can improve your image and reputation as a Dental practice that looks after their patient's teeth.

2. SEO- Optimised Website

Did you know the most effective dental marketing strategy is SEO techniques. There is so much rivalry among dental clinics across the world, keeping that in mind, your dental clinic must have an SEO optimized website with strategically targeted keywords which will increase your search engine ranking on Google. 

3. Offer Deals on your Services

By creating offers and deals is a great way to get in touch with your potential patients. You can offer discounts on first appointments or create deals like " Free Dental Assesment Weekend". You need to ensure that your Dental practice stands out, therefore, avoid offering the same boring deals as your rivals. Many patients don't turn up for their appointments, this can be solved by offering them a 10% off if they actually show up. This is just another marketing strategy to pull-in the patients to your dental clinic.

4. Get your Dental Practice on Social Media

If your Dental Practice is still not on social media, it is missing out on a lot of local and national traffic and potential patients it can target. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, are great mediums of keeping in touch with your current patients and reach out to new potential patients. Each of the major social media platforms requires a different approach, to engage with your target market. You need to keep your Tweet interesting on Twitter, Post engaging on Facebook and Photo appealing on Instagram. You can share your Blog posts on social media platforms as it is proven to be a great way to promote your dental practice. With Facebook, your patients can write reviews and like your posts that people within their network can see, thereby broadening your marketing reach. 

5. Send out Regular Newsletters

Another effective dental marketing strategy is sending out regular newsletters to your existing patients as well as new potential patients. it is vital to keep in touch with your patients and reach out to the new patients too. Inform your patients about any new services you added, give insights into useful mouth care tips and the latest dental products in the market. Make the newsletter SEO optimised and include your best images within it. Make sure you add a call to action button at the end so that your existing or new patients can easily book their appointment with your dental clinic. 

6. Encourage Patients to Leave Reviews

Before any of your potential patients calls your clinic, they may look for your dental clinic's reviews online. Reviews and testimonials are becoming more and more important within a business and it's vital as a dentist that you collect patient reviews on your site. If a potential patient searches for a dentist near them and finds that one dentist has over 20+ reviews while the others have none, it is evident that they will more likely call the dental clinic with reviews. Sites like Yelp, Yell have all come up recently that patients can see before booking their dentist. If someone reviews your dental clinic, be sure to respond positively as patients to see if the clinic is reacting to the reviews.

7. Develop Dental Expertise

Patients do not want to visit any old dentist, they want to book an appointment with a dentist that is an expert within their field. By developing and marketing your Dental expertise, your patients will be able to see that they're being treated and looked after by a Dentist that is best in their field. One brilliant way of doing this is, writing medical blogs and articles within journals, directories or magazines. These can then be further promoted around the web on sites such as medium, HuffingtonPost, and others that accept blogs/articles.

8. Design Websites Compatible with Smartphones

Google recently stated that there is a sharp decline in the number of people using laptops or computers to search/browse the internet. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets to search for products and services as its easy access and quick to use too.  All in all, you must ensure that your website is compatible with tablets and smartphones and that it is easy to navigate for a potential patient. if your site is not compatible with smart devices then people will get frustrated and opt for your rival dentist. 

9. Start Creating Online Videos

A lot of people do not like reading blogs, articles or newsletters, for them you must create visuals such as pictures and videos. People like seeing videos and we suggest it is a fantastic marketing strategy that Dentists can use. By creating fun, informative videos about your practice and services offered, potential patients can get an idea of what to expect from your Dental practice. Through your videos, you can urge patients to book an appointment with your practice. Keep your videos short and brief so that users do not lose attention. YouTube is a perfect video submitting channel where you can optimize your video to get maximum views. 

Getting Started: Dental Marketing for a Brand New Dentist

Spending years of studying and internship and finally graduating from dental school is one big of a journey. Setting your education to practice in motion – by establishing a business from scratch – is an even bigger challenge.

First, there are logistical obstacles. In setting up physical shop or office, legal documents and other permits are necessary.

These days opening up an office for your dental practice is not enough. It’s always typical to hang a “We’re Open” signage on the door and wait for a new patient or two to come by. These are modern times already. Dentistry is investment enough, and of course you would want to see how well your years and years of schooling would fare. And this is where dental marketing for a brand-new dentist begins. For a newly graduate such as you, you need to up your marketing level with the help of a dental marketing agency to gain more patients.

Every day, huge numbers of potential customers use local search to know the best local businesses in their geographical area. You too can boost your chances greatly of getting noticed by these potential customers and convert them into new patients by choosing and finally working with an experienced local consultancy.

Dental Marketing: Boost Your Business With Local SEO

In a nutshell, local SEO services provide a very targeted digital marketing method. This allows you to position your strategically place your dental practice on search engines and other online marketing sites so that you are easily seen by potential patients.

Once you have understood and finally decided to use local SEO for your dental practice, implementing a dental marketing plan must be laid out so you can attract new patients. When establishing a brand new practice, consider the three important factors listed below:

1. Choosing your practice location

There are many options to consider when it comes to selecting your practice location, other than the other necessities such as commercial space, length of the lease, cost, and such.

So now let’s say you have chosen a location good enough for your dental practice. And these may just be some important questions you’ve in mind: Does it have an ample parking space that is easily accessible for patients?, Is the area full of competitors in the dental field?, Is the new location easily seen from the street?, Can my new office space accommodate other rooms for future expansion?

Your business plan plays a factor in this decision, too. For example, it’s really great that you have a location that is Google-friendly. Millions of readers use Google for search and are considered #1 source of new patient traffic. A business that is located outside the city limits and trying to draw traffic from another area can confuse its algorithm.

2. Establishing your brand and making it known

There are major brands that really made it through the years, thanks to marketing. In planning to set up a dental practice business, certain steps are carefully made to be successful. The process may take some time but with focus, dedication, and hard work it’s important that the consistency of your brand is established across all marketing channels.

Also, your logo is just one part of your dental marketing campaign. It is your main practice image. So, prior to developing your brand, below are some questions to ask yourself: Who is my ideal patient?, If I can name my top specialties or services, what would they be?, If I were to build my own team, what kind would it be?, What do I want my patients to expect when they go to visit my office?

Such questions will act as your personal marketing guide toward your practice brand, as you weigh on things like the signage of your location, brand logo, office décor, and other materials needed for marketing.

Branding is the first step to building a marketing plan. Without it, you don’t have anything to build on.

3. Your Digital Presence

Now it’s time to acquire new patients! And of course, difficulties in keeping up-to-date and maintaining a full schedule with your patients does happen.

Traditional marketing to help in this. Yellow page advertisements and fliers would do. But in today’s daily living, many people rely on the Internet to search the business they need. Your dental practice isn’t any different which is why you should consider hiring a dental SEO agency for this kind of work.

These days, the most effective methods of marketing are found mainly on the Internet. Digital marketing isn’t just comprised of fancy website building; It’s about planning and finally creating a patient-friendly website that has staying power across search engines.

There are 5 factors in digital marketing that can prove to be very useful to your campaigns, namely: A high-quality website that entices readers as new patients:, Acquiring true website traffic, Email marketing, Reputation management, Social media marketing

Wrapping it up:

There’s always a good dental SEO marketing for a new dentist. It’s about time to put your practice into motion and get things started for your business. While traditional marketing certainly works, take advantage of the technology in which search engine optimization offers: enhance your website, advertise your brand, and boost your online presence using only the right tools to get more patients.



Firstly, we will conduct a full site audit of our client's practice and outline the services offered by their healthcare website. Our team will focus on the client's requirements as well as collate data from webmaster tools and analytics so that we can fully understand and optimize our client's medical practice. Once we have the data ready, we will create a marketing plan that will facilitate brand visibility both locally or nationally and increase website traffic through diverse healthcare marketing campaigns. We comprehend that both digital and offline marketing plans must work in tandem for perfect cohesion, so we collect all relevant data and stats to ensure Medical SEO is fully integrated for our client's success.

Our Medical SEO Team will work on the following Key SEO Factors:

Medical SEO Consultancy

Firstly we will work alongside you by assisting in defining your Medical website's SEO goals and develop a marketing strategy for your website. Our experts are well experienced and versed in the digital marketing world. The consultancy is the first phase of our Medical SEO process as its best to understand your requirements right at the start. 

Onsite Optimisation

Our experts will analyze your site’s structure and provide recommendations on how to improve them with regards to relevancy and targeting your medical keywords. We will also undertake all on-page optimisation changes on behalf of our client. We will advise on all site migrations to server related tips.

Keyword Research

Our team will assist in researching the best possible keywords for your industry and guide you in devising a solid SEO strategy for your market. We will provide ranking estimations based on the level of competition and searches per month.

Link Building

Many marketers consider this as an outdated marketing strategy but it is still a fundamental signal in Google’s scoring charts. Today link building is not about the number of links but the quality of content one links to. Internal linking is highly important too.

Google Penalty Recovery

Our team will assess and analyze your link profile so that we can help in Google penalty recovery. We have lots of experience in helping many sites recover from Google algorithmic penalties such as Panda and Penguin.

Content Marketing

Content is today the backbone of all marketing campaigns. We have a carefully selected team of creative writers who are well versed in writing articles, blogs and content for many industries and niche’s around the globe.

Outreach and SEO PR

Our experienced and exceptional bloggers have close contacts with some of the most authoritative publishers across several industries around the globe. We will connect and market your brand with your targeted audience by creating unique content that can go viral.

Infographics and Digital Content

People like visuals and infographic has been everyone’s favorite marketing medium over the past few years. Our creative designers will work alongside you to create an eye-catching infographic and digital interactive content for your website to get shared across the web.

Social Media Marketing

No one really comprehends the relationship the search engines have with the social signals when it comes to ranking a website. However, it is imperative that as a website you reach out to your targeted audience in a bid to amplify your products or services and your message.



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