Dental Social Media Marketing


How Our Social Media Management Services Can Help 

Social media can be a very powerful tool when used properly. Whether you choose paid promotions or simply engage with the community, social media is fantastic for targeting the audience and customers you want.

Want to make the most of these platforms? We have the tools and skills necessary to market your dentist practice through social media!

Display Your Business

The easiest benefit of social media is that it allows you to display your business on platforms that people use throughout the day. With the likes of Facebook, people can actively search for businesses within the platform itself, much like search engines, so a business listing here is vital.

Similarly, by creating pages and profiles, you can create an image for your company. For local businesses like dentists, showing a strong community and presence in the local area can help encourage people to convert into customers. Social media turns your business from a stranger into a trusted friend. When the time comes for dental services, people will be more likely to go with a company they are already familiar with.

Reviews And Feedback

In marketing, there is an established concept known as ‘social proof’. When people hear good things about your dental services, they are more likely to try them out as well. This is why reviews are important for any business.

With social media, people can share good results and positive experiences. You can further improve this by using social media to talk to your customers. Thank them for their feedback and make them feel appreciated.

Not only does this improve customer satisfaction, it also increases exposure. When people write good things about your business, their friends and followers also see it, spreading your visibility and brand exposure.

Targeted Promotions

Perhaps one of the best things about social media is that it is a great way to find people in your local area. Your dentist practice is likely based in one location, so any method that can instantly draw in people from this region is highly effective.

With social media, it’s very easy to target people in the right location. There are numerous ways you can do this on social platforms, including:

  • Paid promotions. Many platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, allow you to show sponsored posts that directly appear in the feeds of target audiences.
  • Content marketing. If you create guides or other content readers will find useful, you can use social media to share it. This can encourage people to share it, too, especially if it’s something interest and engagement.

Powerful Metrics

Finally, social media is very useful in testing the water and seeing how people respond. Because social media works in real time, you don’t need to wait to generate results. You can see which methods get the most likes and shares.

As a marketing and SEO company, we can use these results to adapt your social media profiles and tweak them to work with your customers.

An Introduction to Social Media Marketing for Dental Clinics

Once, we thought that creating a site was just enough –  that was long before SEO was deemed important in the online marketing scene. There’s an array of choices a dental practitioner can use to promote a dental clinic online. Some of it works and some don’t. Just the same as some of them are easy to accomplish, while the other option takes a lot of time and effort. It’s there for a reason though. We just need to equip ourselves with the right tools, work with SEO-wise people, have more patience, until it gets easier in the long process.

Find Your Target Audience

You might need to start on one platform that has more of your potential clients first, rather than randomly picking a demographic that will have nothing to do with your services. Listen carefully and talk less. That is an important law when it comes to Social Media Marketing. If you know some of your potential clients, then you can read and understand what they’re dental needs are. Some of them might have questions only you can answer – this is a chance for you to publish useful content – and some of them might want something personalized. Find a reason for them to get engaged in your site or clinic, and converse with them to gain their trust. And when they start reaching out to you, be responsive as possible.

Build a Strong Brand

Even though we’re only talking about a small dental clinic, focusing on your brand’s identity will save you a lot of trouble. Focus on what the brand can do instead of jumping from one point to another. For example, articles. As a clinic owner, you end up publishing about unrelated stuff. And then you’re off-track. Wasting one chance to deliver relatable content (for your interested customers and brand) may just lead to disappointment. Publish high-quality content that your audience will share, build relationships with online influencers who can promote your services, and create strategies for your team. Make sure that your brand will benefit from it.

Let Your Brand be Accessible

You’ve earned their attention, now what? Where do they go after that? You can start a website, provide details about your office, contact number, and location on social media sites, create listings on Google+ and Yelp – anything that will lead them to the goal: investing in your services. Don’t just vanish and leave them hanging, earn their respect and trust by giving them the right information about your brand.

Know What the Social Media Platforms Can do for Your Business

The game is changing out there. For example, Facebook. It’s not just a place for people to rant anymore. Now, it’s becoming a reliable place to advertise. Zuckerberg is earning billions of revenues from these ads too. Facebook advertisers can now track an ad’s performance and conversion rate, without much complication. But it does not mean that it will work 100% because some choices work, and some don’t. The trick is to start small, and when there’s enough information about its usefulness, your team can maneuver to another method or strengthen the ones you’ve used before.

Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for your Website

When we hear the term “social media” our minds right away head towards Facebook and Twitter. They are the most popular social media platforms out there right now but did you know there are others that could be more effective for your business. It is important to find the right social platform that enables you to connect with your customers.

Our social media management service is designed to save you time and keep you in control of your messages from various social media networks. Our objective is to simplify the handling of the social media platforms so that you are able to meet your challenges and key business goals.

What Our Social Media Management Services Include:

As part of our social media management service we offer help and guidance with the following:

Social Consultancy - Our team will develop a solid social marketing strategy based upon your business goals. Even if you have an in-house team, we’ll assist them with guidance on how to build a better social marketing strategy with the aim of enhancing social presence. 

Brand Management Services – We will help in securing the most appropriate usernames and profiles for your business. Your business and your brand is very important therefore our marketing team will always help in protecting your brands image on all social platforms.

Engaging Discussion – Our social marketing team will write creative, engaging posts and updates that can be shared across all the popular social platforms. 

Social Media Monitoring – We will check and monitor all the social platforms to see who’s talking about your business and brand, what they are saying about you and whether if its impacts your business positively or not. 

Social Media PPC – With the emergence of LinkedIn ads, Facebook sponsored ads, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest, we can directly target your social audience to get the best value for your money and generate good interest for the new product. 

Social Reporting and Analysis – Our team will help in analysing and reporting all the activities undertaken across all the marketing platforms online. 

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