Do you have an outdated website, or does your dentist business need to get online? We can design and create the perfect website for your company!

Why Your Website Matters

Before the internet, people would make first impressions based on the physical appearance of your premises. This was the only exposure they had to your business, so having an attractive store front became a deciding factor between your dental practice and another competitor’s.

Today, people use the internet first and foremost to find anything – including dentists – yet the same rules instantly apply. There are many factors that can put people off of your business. These include:

  • Slow loading times – this is especially true for mobile users
  • Poor website navigation. If people can’t find the information they want, they will go somewhere else.
  • Unattractive design. If your website isn’t up to date with modern design choices, it will look old and unsuccessful. Just like a store front, this doesn’t present a good image to potential new customers.

Of course, even if users stay on your website, it still has a purpose to fulfil. Your website should give people all the information they need, answering their question and, ultimately, giving them away to contact you and book your services.

What Does Today’s Dentist Website Need?

Dentists face a unique challenge, as their users are not experts in the industry but nonetheless know exactly what they need. Because of this, your website needs to answer their questions in a clear and precise manner. Nobody wants to get lost in an essay.

Similarly, the navigation needs to be simple. Each service should have its own page, for example. This way, people can jump straight to the service they need. This also helps with SEO and marketing, as you have dedicated spaces for each service.

Furthermore, your website needs to be responsive, adapting to mobile platforms. This is vital for local traffic, as people will simple search on their phone for local practices.

How We Help

Every business is unique, so we don’t offer simple templated designs. Instead, we work with you to create a custom website that ideally suits your exact needs. We can do this in 4 steps.

1. First we talk with you to learn more about your business, such as the services you offer, your typical customer base and any important values that need to be clear on the final design.

2. Next, we create a design that we believe works best for you and we offer a mock-up for review. This is where we can tweak, improve and perfect the design until you are satisfied with it.

3. After this, we start to build the website, ensuring it works to its fullest extent and you can easily access and edit it. For example, if you want to change your prices or other information, we ensure the website can be easily edited by you, whenever you need.

4. Once the website is live, we are always available for ongoing support. This includes our SEO packages and other services, which can ensure your new website appears in search engine results, helping it to get noticed.

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