5 Ways to Get Ranked on Page 1

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Don’t be content with just getting views, visits, or shares on your website. Not all those views, visits, and shares will guarantee you a sure customer or client. There is a possibility that those people are still trying out options. You can either make the best contents and offers on your website, or channel in a bigger volume of that market by becoming the first website that will come out in the results display. How do you do that? Here are the top 5 most essential ways to get to that spot.

1.     Hire a professional SEO strategist

It might sound strange that it’s on the top of the list. It doesn’t mean that you should give up control of your website and let someone else do things for you. That’s something you should never do. Don’t ever give up control on your website. Actually, have a maximum of 3 administrators for your website. That includes you, your marketing strategist, and one professional SEO strategist. It would be a lot better if you hire a company so there’s only one guest posting on your site although there are actually many brains working on it.

Why is it important to have an SEO company do it with you? It is because you need to keep your website fresh and there should always be a standard on the quality of your posts. You don’t have to go through all the hassle alone. You can do it with others.

2.     Have some creative yet informative visuals.

These are, of course, infographics. What is your company about and what are your products or services? Start from that. You can formulate ideas and assemble them in a very interesting picture that is fun to read and share. Most people online tend to read articles that are easy to read and well organized. It is not only easy on the eyes but also saves them time. Another thing is, photos and illustrations are a lot more attractive than plain words and draw moreattention which is why you can see more photos and illustrations on social media. If you want more audience, tap those social media using informative visuals that are related to you.

3.     Add some personal touch

You can also call it “human” touch. Get involved in your website and make it personalized. Aside from the typical contents which people already know or you want them to learn, add some opinions and insights from time to time. Remember, just from time to time. Don’t do it always. Overdoing it might make your website look too opinionated. People don’t like too opinionated people. They will eventually get tired of it, especially if the speaker or writer is not a famous person. However, posting some personal blogs containing a person’s insights or experiences is very effective in creating an impact to the site visitor or viewer. Through this way, they recognize that there is a real person and that they just met that person through the site and that is more than an experience but also an encounter.

4.     Be the best

Reiterating from the title itself and from the introduction, never miss your focus. Your focus is not just getting great amount of views but being the top one. Don’t settle for just having a large potential clientele. You have to realize that in every competition, your top competitor is the top one on the rank. Get yourself in their position and stay in that position. To do that, always do your best and make the most interesting contents. Always remember your goal.

5.     Get mobilized

Be mobile friendly and let the people move you around. Making your website mobile friendly helps make it more accessible. People usually do quick searches on their mobile phones simply because it is mobile. Don’t make it hard for them to check out your website on their phones. When your viewers are happy with what they see, they will most likely share it to their friends.


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