7 Tips to Designing Online PPC Ads That Generate Positive Clicks

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Have you ever wondered why some of the most perfectly designed banner ads have not generated even one percent of ROI? Well here is a marketing observation stat that you should hear.

54 percent of the users online don’t trust what’s written on your online banner ad. The shocking reason why the most well-designed banner ad could not reap you the promise of good ROI.

It is, therefore, necessary to consider as to what makes your audience trust you. The things that will make them take the leap of faith and click right away. So while you ponder on this and come up with a solution, let’s take you to the things that you should have known in the first place when designing an online banner ad.

How to Make Your Banner Ads Reach Out to Audience

Good advertisements should be able to connect users to the products or services they are interested in. To do this you must design -

1.     Keeping the Target Audience in Mind

Don’t just rush off. Take some time and think. What would make the audience click your ad or what do audiences want to hear from you? Now start designing. You will now have a clear understanding in your mind, when you start designing.

2.     Avoiding Low Quality Images

Low-quality images spoil the show. They make the image blurry and grainy, making the banner advertisement look less credible. High-quality images, therefore, matter if you want to create PPC banner ads to inspire trust in your customers.

3.     Using Clear Call-to-Actions

What do you want people to do? This is what should be directing them to take the action. Whether you want them to buy or read put that in your CTA buttons. Don’t forget to add the trigger. For example – ‘Start Now’ and ‘Click Here’.

4.     Not Using Deceptive Tricks

Marketing should be about offering valuable services and not using tricks of deception. That is bad and harmful for your brand. Make sure that the service or offer that you make is identifiable with your company brand, name, and logo.

5.     Keeping Brand Value in Mind

Make compelling ads that will help to pull the trigger, but don’t forget to add your brand value to it. This includes putting your company logo and your company name. If you don’t have any company logo to place, then mention your website URL.

6.     Staying Away From Multi-Colors

These are simply going to make things more complicated. Multi-colors in PPC banner ads lead to distraction. Therefore when you choose colors, pick them wisely. Stick to a palette having three to four color options. Not more than that.

7.     Using Readable Fonts

Fonts need to be easily readable online. This is applicable for any digital promotion that you make. Coordinate your texts with the right color choice also.

Bad PPC ads can ruin an online promotion. So make sure you stick to all these things when you get down designing an effective Online PPC ad again. 


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