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In the field of SEO, a very common term is the do follow and the no follow link. The SEO professionals and those in the field of blogging know the importance of these links. Some people have the misconception that these links are bad and they may end of harming the SEO efforts.  The Do follow links are those that encourage the Google bots to reach the particular web site by following the link.  But, you need to segregate between the links that you want Google to follow and the ones that you want them to avoid. But, this is not so and many of these links are actually very good and can give useful results. If used correctly, these links can contribute immensely to the advancement of the blogs.

Moreover if you add the do follow tags to the link, you will get link love. You can be more active in the niche portals and forums and get the best quality links. This will help you earn the targeted web traffic to your page.

There are certain forums in Google that can help you stay active and gather the links and the targeted audience that you need. You need to register yourself in these forums and use the link to your site or blog in form of signature. They will certainly help you with the links and make your site visible to more potential customers.

Some of the most popular and useful do follow link forums are:

·         V7nForum

·         Siteowners Forum

·         Joomla Forum

·         Search engine watch Forum

·         CNET Forum

·         Mysql Forum

·         Digital point Forum

·         Affiliate Marketing Forum

·         Site Point Forum

·         Warrior forum

·         ShoutersLands Bloggers forum

·         Deviantart

·         File Sharing Forum

·         Geek Village Forum

·         HTML Forum

·         MyGame Builder Forum

·         PhpBB Forum

·         Search Engine Roundtable

·         SEO Forum Australia

·         Siteowners Forum

These are some of the most popular forums today, but there are also many others that you can explore. It is a good idea to be active in as many of them as possible. It is advisable to stay active in at least 3 to 4 of them if you want really good results. You can add more value to you site, by adding comments to the posts that are there in the forum. Active participation is favored by the others and they will see you as a more credible member.

You can check out the various links and find out the ones that are most suitable for your site and niche. Some of them have free joining. You just need to register yourself in the list and start participating in it. With the right use of the forum, your number of back links will certainly go up.

There are many tools available in the web site that will give you an idea is the link is do follow or no follow. There are certain java script codes that will help you determine the kind of link.



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