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Accelerated Mobile Pages Project was created so people can have a much better web experience. Through Accelerated Mobile Pages Project makes website building easier, more beautiful, quick, and gain high performance through all devices and other platforms.

According to surveys made by Google, 75% of mobile sites take 10+ seconds to load, 53% of mobile site visitors leave after 3 seconds of load time, and 2x more mobile ad revenue for sites that load in 5 seconds vs 19 seconds. However, mobile sites don't often meet these demands because some are slow loading, have unresponsive pages, and some contents are displaced due to ads.

Without AMP, maintaining a fast mobile website on your own can often require large development teams or specialized skill sets.

Through AMP, you can build compelling user experiences, almost instantaneous loading, smooth scrolling from top to bottom without the need of side to side scrolling, styling and branding flexibility with opportunities for redistribution among other browsers and search engines.

How AMP works

Accelerated Mobile Pages is built on three core components, namely AMP HTML, AMP JavaScript, and AMP Cache.

AMP HTML is a restricted subset of HTML so, basically, it is an extended HTML that is customized with AMP properties. In the case of AMP HTML, there are some HTML tags that you have to replace with ones that are specific for AMP, and because of this, it is a lot easier to implement the common patterns and make them high performing.

One scenario is using the AMP image tag that can provide a full source set support even in browsers that aren’t really compatible with it yet which is why even though your site is fully AMP supported, it would still work everywhere.


Through AMP JavaScript, publishing AMP pages could be as simple as installing a plug-in compatible with your content management system, or CMS, to automatically create AMP pages for you, or it could be adjusting your templates to generate AMP pages directly for you which is also how AMP JavaScript library ensures that your web pages will render fast.



The Benefits of AMP

First of all, AMP doesn’t need a huge development or budget so you can upgrade your site with minimal cost than you normally would without it. AMP pages also support design customization and flexibility so you won’t really have to worry about your website’s look. You can also do live updates in different media because it is capable of displaying more than 15 embed formats across social, video platforms, etc. Also, as it is supported by more than 70 ad servers and networks support and more than 25 analytics and viewability vendors, you can easily track your website’s engagement and ROI.



So, what’s in it for you as a website owner or publisher?

According to the following sources:

Terra (retention), there are 3x more time spent on AMP pages

Gizmodo (audience growth) 80% of amp traffic is new

Time Magazine (engagement) 13% increase in time spent on site

The Washington Post (retention) +23% return 7DA users (audience growth) 67% increase in new visitors

Teads (monetization) 200% increase in average CTR on AMP pages


Bottom line, you and your business could save a lot while getting more personalization and revenues on your site.


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