How to measure SEO success?

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If you have been putting as much effort as you can with your SO campaign, you would certainly want to know if any of the strategies that you have employed is working, you need to know if you are actually making any progress at all before you will decide to push more with whatever plans you have laid out to further the campaign, here are some of the things that should allow you to measure if you are actually getting anywhere as far as your SEO efforts are involved.

Start with keyword rankings. This may not be everybody's favorite tool as it can easily get confused when the tools are not being used, knowing where your targeted keywords are ranked is always a huge part of your scoreboard. You need to know where you are as far as these keywords go. The fact that Google Suggest ads are being used will give one, even more, the reason to track the keyword ranks.

Check the tracking for the basic conversion. For this, you are going toned to successfully identify different type of conversions. This includes leads and sales, downloads, subscriptions, as well as sign-ups for events, it is through this that you can check if you making noise with the campaign you are pursuing is indeed resonating with the kind of audience that your campaign is intended for.

Check the traffic for organic search too. You will need to find out the growth when it comes to overall organic traffic. You will need to focus on comparisons that are done year over year to see the trend. Check too, the growth of the traffic for those keywords that have been targeted. This is to double check against what you are getting in the rankings. You will need to check on the monthly records and the yearly one as well to see how things have progressed so far.

It is also important that you check on the percentage of the traffic that comes from the organic ones. You need to keep track of the actual trend while at the same time, being watchful of the valleys and the peaks based on the marketing tactics for keywords that you have been using as in the case of email blasts that are likely to affect the percentage of the generated traffic through organic search for such a period, causing it to lower.

Check for the diversity in the keyword too. Check how the keywords are driving in every month. Make sure to keep track of the actual trend as well. It is always important on how you have increased the number of different keywords that you are using which are now able to generate traffic. What you are hoping to see is an increase in the number of keywords that are allowing you to generate traffic.

Check on the referrals from the website properties and licks too. Understand that content generation and link building is not only about improving the keyword traffic and keyword rankings. If it is done and executed right, websites and links that are developed to support this effort are likely to help in bringing traffic to the site. So, make sure that you do take credit for any if this traffic as well as any of the conversion that will be produced through such referrals.


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