Improve the outbound links to give your blog better ranking

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Outbound links are basically links that point or direct to some other site or domain from your web site. If you are able to connect to other domains, it makes it easy for the search engines to understand the niche and domain you are in. The credibility of your web site will also go up and it will become more trustworthy. It will also be essential for the SEO efforts and your site will get more visibility and ranking on the search engines.

If you have not yet employed outbound links as your SEO strategy, you must start using it and see the effects for yourself. Your blog will also never be devalued if you use these links.

If you use them correctly, you will get an idea about how to build relationships with others of your niche and domain.

From the perspective of SEO, the outbound links have several advantages. There are tools like Google Link related operator that will help you find out the links that are advantageous to your site. A good tool will list out all the sites links that fall in your domain. There are however risks of spammy links that can hurt the credibility of your web site.

There are certain factors that you must keep in mind while thinking about linking out.

·         Never link up with bad neighbors: It is important that you link yourself to only relevant blogs. Do not link up with any bad neighbors or those with questionable origins. Banned sites and dubious blogs are the ones that you should firmly avoid. You should always choose blogs that belong to your similar niche or it will not become relevant. This will also be useful in attracting the target readers and customers.

·         Avoid two way back links: Always make sure that your domain is not a part of private blog network. This you can ensure by making sure that there are no two way links. Recently Google has been devaluing all the private blog networks; hence if you are related to one then your site can also get discredited.

·         Avoid too many outbound links: too much of anything is not good. The same applies for the outbound links too. If you have too much of it, the readers can find it quite annoying. You can go for more internal linking and that of the web sites that are most relevant.

·         Give and take: In the blogging system interaction is very important. You blog will become way more successful if you are able to introduce the same in case of links. If you are referring to someone else’s blog in your post, then you should also include the link in it. This will also improve the quality of your content significantly.

You need to link your pages to the sites that will actually add some value to your web site. The pages must also have good domain authority. If you want to avoid bounce rates, you can make the link open in new tabs. 



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