The Best Strategies for Multiplying Your Pinterest Follower Count

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Social media is an easy way by which you can make your company known to a large audience. It can also help you get more sales. However, all of these benefits are dependent on how well you manage to use social media networks. Pinterest is a new social network but you should not doubt its usability in your social media marketing campaign. Here are some of the tips you can use to improve your follower count on Pinterest.

Design Your Profile with Care

Your profile in Pinterest should be a reflection of your business and personality. As a result, you need to create it carefully.

  • If you have created the Pinterest profile for your business, you should upgrade it to a business account. Additionally, get your website verified for the profile.
  • The bio should be short but interesting. You need to ensure that people can clearly understand what your business is. Also inform them as to the things you will be putting a pin on. This gives users a reason for following you.
  • The profile image should be that of your brand not of any employee’s. It should be at least 600 pixels both ways so as to ensure quality.

Building the Boards

You should build the boards according to the interests of your business. At the same time, they should be crafted to make things easier for the Pinterest users.

  • Board Name: You can use keywords as the name for the boards to give them more visibility in searches. You can certainly make the names unique and catchy but still make sure that keywords have been used.
  • Description: Here, you should describe what the board will be used for. However, avoid giving lengthy descriptions. Use a few keywords and keep the description short. One or two lines will be enough.
  • Category: Pinterest certainly lacks variety in the categories. Therefore, you should try and select the category that is closest to the board.
  • Board Images: The image you choose for the board should be the best one possible. It should colorful and capable of engaging the viewers.

Develop a Strategy

In order to make the best use of Pinterest, you need a proper strategy. Consistency is essential in this social network. Additionally, you need to present your brand in the most attractive light possible. After all, visuals play an incredibly important role in Pinterest.

A good strategy for Pinterest would be to develop content that helps the users. Most people use Pinterest as a source of inspiration. They want to be able to do wonderful things and Pinterest provides them with the information required to make those things happen. Therefore, your content should help them get this inspiration. Do not only post pins about your products. Instead, develop tutorials and guides so that people can use them in their own way.

Pinterest is a relatively new social network. However, it has quickly risen in prominence and become one of the top social media sites with millions of users and billions of pins. People do base their purchases on what they find on Pinterest. As a result, you must make sure that you are using Pinterest properly.



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