Things You need to Know before You Attempt SEO

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Do you want to improve the ranking and visibility of your website? Do have any clue about the workings of the different search engines?

Before you begin optimizing your website to be placed on the top of the ranking page, here are some basics Google and other search engines that you have to understand. The general principle of all the search engines is almost the same and if you are able to grab hold of them then your dealings with SEO will be absolutely convenient.

Previously search engines were secluded to a small network but in recent times there has been an evolution in the search engines. It is now capable of locating the relevant contents within a large library.

The Science Behind Search Engines

The basic approach of all search engines to organize a website is the same for all modern search engines. They are all driven by the same principle.

Search engines are known to take the help of the link and then browse through the several pages that are present in the website. This is referred to as the crawling. After this comes the sorting part. The results are sorted out and that is done with the help of several factors. All the pages that are sorted are stored in an index. This is done so that the search engines are able to match up the queries and the result much faster.

Algorithm is Important

You have to keep in mind that the algorithms that each and every company uses to rank the pages are different from one another even though the techniques for crawling and organizing might be the same. This is the reason that the results are different.

The algorithm of Google makes it a point to reward the pages that have more links in them, have the required number of keywords, a content that is quite relevant to the search and content that is relevant to the location of the user.

Bing’s algorithm on the other hand rewards pages that has loads of likes, shares and comments on Facebook and google+, has all the relevant keywords, has more tweets, and backlinks.

While Yahoo ranks those pages higher when they use key terms, use ALT text for making the images to be searched conveniently, and also makes use of appropriate page title.

History of the SEO Technology

The first search engine is known as Archie. This search engine was not known to crawl the sites. However, is somehow kept the index of the FTP servers of the public. It used to do this so that the users are able to find out different files and download them. After this came Yahoo which brought in the users through all the personalized pages like stock, weather updates, and news. After Yahoo it was the time for Lycos. The index of Lycos grew very rapidly in between the year 1994 to 1996. Ultimately it was the time for Google. This started grabbing the attention of the users by providing extremely relevant results. Google is the most popular search engine in present times. 


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